Welcome to the Spaceship

I have embarked on a journey - an journey where I expect experiences and new knowledge, but only have a vague idea about where will end. That is both liberating and - for a person like myself who wants to control as much as possible - scary like hell.

A month has already past with meeting new people and readjusting my focus from a strictly theater and performance perspective to this new entrepreneurial set of glasses that gives me a total different view. 

Some days it feels like my head is a messy tool box, and I have no idea, where the different tools should be stored, I know that I will find a system eventually, but until then I will just have to live with the chaos.

One of the most fantastic things about this journey is, that I have inspiring travel companions, with great ideas and interesting backgrounds, that I can learn from and grow together with.

We are making the world our home - we will be absorbed into a global tribe of people, that want to make the world a better place - by the means of art and culture.

This first post might be a little bit vague and metaphoric, but the aim of my posts here will be to describe what we learn, both more concrete methods, but also concepts I find interesting.